Home Repair Tips and Fixes

Removing Vinyl Flooring the Easy Way

There several ways to remove vinyl flooring. The old-fashioned method is to use a handheld floor scraper; this usually takes the better part of a day, and your back and palms will probably be sore for a week. A better option is to use a rental oscillating floor scraper machine, also called a power floor scraper. The entire job can usually be done in less than an hour, and you won’t even break a sweat. The machine rents for about $40 for four hours.

Start by scoring the vinyl. Next, adjust the angle on the floor scraper until in pulls up vinyl without gouging the subfloor. Then it on and let it rip.

• Score the vinyl flooring. Measure out 10 in. from the wall and score the vinyl flooring with a utility knife. Then repeat scoring every 20 in. all the way across the room.

• Guide the machine down each strip. Steer the machine down the scored swath and let it do all the work. Let the stripped vinyl roll up in front of the scraper blade.

Use Power to chip out Floor Tile

Ordinary floor scraper blades won’t stand up a ceramic or porcelain tile. But some rental machines accept an optional tile chisel. If your rental store offers that feature, just remove the wide scraper blade, slide in the chisel attachment and secure it with a bolt and washer. Then fire it up and let the machine do the dirty work for you.

Best Lube for Squeaky Bathroom Drawers

When using lubricants indoors, a bad smell is only one of the issues to consider, says Dr. Larry Beaver, a research expert at the company that makes Liquid Wrench products. There are products that will leave graphite stains, stick residues, attract dirt and dust and drop onto flooring or cabinet interiors.

For lubing drawer slides, door hinges, over-head fans and other sticking or squeaky things inside the house without causing stains or odor, Beaver recommends using a dry lubricant that contains PFTE (commonly known as Teflon). It will dry fast and leave a durable, light-colored lubricant film at the area where you are spraying it.

Replacing a cabinet or entertainment center hinge can be a bit tricky. There is however different types of styles and measuring techniques that you can use to make the task much easier for you do. There are also a number of materials and products that you can use to yield the best results.